How to say Hello in Lao

This is a learning lesson for us as well, but that's the whole point of our new language series!
Lao is a tonal language, meaning saying the word in a different tone (high tone instead of low, for ex.) could turn the word into a completely different word.

Language: Lao
Word of the Day:


SAIBAIDI sá-bàɪ-dì— (sá with a high tone, bàɪ and dìː with low tones — Lao: ສະບາຍດີ).



Like many customs of showing gratitude and respect throughout the Southeast Asian countries, bring your hands together as if to pray (don't clasp your hands together) or self-high five. 
Bring your hands together like this in the middle of your chest and greet someone with: 

Found a video to help with pronunciation! Start at 1:05

You did it! Great job!


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