Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) Fundraiser & Raise and Reach Yoga Class

Hello everyone!
Thank you to those who volunteered to help assemble boba milk tea during the fundraiser! Due to the high volume of demand, we sold out within the first 2 hours! We apologize for those who did not get the chance to buy milk tea. Stay tuned for more milk tea fundraisers in the future and we will make a sign up sheet for those who would like to help!

Also, thank you all of you who donated and participated in the Reach & Raise yoga class!

The total funds raised from the milk tea and the donations from the yoga class we raised $142 for the LBBC organization! 

Sign up for Healthy Monks before 9/23/16 and there are only 30 spots! Click Here to sign up!

If all spots are taken for the Healthy Monks, then sign up for the Hepatitis B screening fair before 9/23/16!! Click here to sign up!

Questions or concerns please email

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We are an organization of medical students committed to addressing the unique health challenges of APA communities through education, outreach, advocacy, and service.

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