Welcome Back 2016-2017!

Hello APAMSA members!

We are again starting a new year full of new activities and events for you to participate!
Quick introduction for the Executive board for 2016:
President: Lulu Mian
Vice President: Rona De La Vega
Treasurer: Ray Jabola
Secretary: Lam Tran
Community Service Chair: Rita Fan

For new members, this blog/website is for the PCOM chapter of APAMSA. Throughout the year we will collaborate with other chapters of APAMSA at Drexel University, Jefferson University, Temple University, and University of Pennsylvania.
In addition to health fairs, there will be some conferences throughout the year regarding important topics affecting the Asian Pacific patient population. This is great opportunity to network with many physicians from different hospital networks and also getting expose to a new patient population.

If you are interested more in APAMSA national organization, then click here

Follow the PCOM APAMSA instagram, click here

Any questions or concern, please email us at apamsa.pcom@gmail.com


We are an organization of medical students committed to addressing the unique health challenges of APA communities through education, outreach, advocacy, and service.

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